West Coast Turf was founded in 1990 with the aim of providing the best natural turfgrass sod and service in the business. Along with sister company Western Sod we offer more than 30 different varieties of turfgrass with sod farms in California and Arizona.

In addition we have developed and exclusive line of Soil Burst organic fertilizers. Our other services include specialized sports turf custom grown sod to your specific specifications world-wide shipping expert sod installation cutting-edge hydroseeding and stolon planting, our new Field TopMaker recycling/renovating machine, and "Ready Play Grass" sod available for instant use.

Our turfgrasses are preferred by homeowners architects and the most well-known turfgrass professionals across the nation. West Coast Turf will custom-grow your sod to your special seed or sand specifications. For your other special requests we offer 42-inch big-roll sod overseeded warm season turfgrasses seed and stolons thick-cut sod and planting services.

Year after year our sod is chosen for such high profile arenas such as the Rose Bowl, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Angel Stadium, Oracle Park in San Francisco, Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara and the Oakland Coliseum to name a few. After supplying nine Super Bowls West Coast Turf is the only sod company that has earned the right to call ourselves the Home of Super Bowl Sod.

West Coast Turf not only supplies the finest sod to the most high profile major stadiums and golf courses around but homeowners and landscapers too can have that same high quality turfgrass for their own landscape needs. Our warm season grasses are well suited for the dry deserts of Arizona, Nevada and California, and we have a large selection of cool season grasses for cooler coastal areas. Everyone can have the home field advantage with West Coast Turf!

Golf course architects contractors and superintendents for some of the world's most prestigious golf courses have relied on us for nothing short of perfection. Whether you need a fairway, a green, or an entire 18 holes we have the most improved and newest turfgrass varieties in the industry to fit your needs.

We use only state-of-the-art growing technology overseeding techniques, big roll installation harvesting methods and seed/stolon planting. You can put your trust in us.

Name the location and we will have our sod and stolons there when you need it. Our night-shift harvests bring sod fresh to customers each day throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Other parts of the nation and Mexico receive top quality product delivered in our refrigerated trucks. We also offer fast expert installation. Our experienced crews high-tech equipment and superior installation techniques have made us the selection for World Series and numerous Super Bowls sometimes just days before the big game.

West Coast Turf is a longstanding member in the Turfgrass Producers International which is the only international trade association devoted exclusively to turfgrass sod production. Like TPI we are committed to keeping abreast of research product innovations and improved practices that benefit the environment. We are a steward of the environment and part of a community working together as one industry striving to promote the benefits of turfgrass.

We take pride in all of our projects. Whether it be a World Championship game or your home lawn we have the same commitment to quality. After all your success is our success.

West Coast Turf

P.O. Box 4563
Palm Desert, CA  92261
Fax: 760-340-7345

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