One application lasts all winter long!

••• Michigan State University 2018: DeerPro-treated Arborvitae performed better than other leading winter deer repellents!

••• DeerPro will not clog sprayers. Our Thiram-based spray is specially formulated to stay in suspension longer and give consistent coverage.

••• EPA-Approved DeerPro is the longest lasting winter deer repellent on the market - professional strength. Provides anti-dessicant protection from winter burn.

••• DeerPro® is preferred by leading plant care companies.

••• DeerPro can provide up to six months of protection from deer. One treatment as early as October will protect shrubs into early spring.

••• In use and proven effective for over 40 years.

DeerPro _ Great Oak, Inc

DeerPro® Winter Animal Repellent

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