Hexoshield™ Rhombo cover system (patent pending) hybrid cover was designed and manufactured by Advanced Water Treatment Technologies, Inc. to combine the advantages of the Armor Ball™ and Hexprotect™ covers, without any of the inconvenience. With two sizes available, the Rhombo cover system was designed to improve insulation where heat loss prevention is critical.

It offers highly effective solutions to problematic liquid storage systems such as municipal and industrial wastewater, treatment processing plants, metal and petrochemical plants, leachate ponds, airports, raw water reservoirs and other applications for heat retention, photosynthesis prevention and or a wildlife deterrent.

The Rhombo Hexoshield™ system ensures coverage of up to 99%. The resulting thermal insulation barrier combines the insulation factor of the air held in each part with the poor heat conductivity of plastic. The substantial air pocket (4.5" for the Hexoshield 66 and 8.25" for the Hexoshield 189) dramatically reduces heat loss and VOCs.

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