Traffic volumes are higher than they've ever been. At Valmont® Structures, that means the focus on motoring public safety is also now higher than it has ever been. For us, that meant finding a solution to the mitigating the vibration damage caused by high winds, frequent winds and high speed truck gusts.

The result was the Mitigator™ TR-1. This device, which can work on existing or new traffic signal pole arms, reduces both eddy and pneumatic vibration by over 90%. By reducing the motion of traffic signal pole arms, the Mitigator also reduces inspection, maintenance and repair costs. In fact, with the Mitigator installed, smaller pole and arms can do the same jobs that would have traditionally required larger poles. Testing that involved over 17 million cycles proves the Mitigator works regardless of wind type or direction and that it's an ideal solution for nearly any traffic signal structure.

Vibration Damping Poles | Traffic Signals

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