Purchase Green's Vista Natural 80 Artificial Lawn Grass line was introduced at the beginning of 2014 - it blends a number of popular features found in our other artificial grass lines into a commercial grade, highly durable, no shine artificial grass lawn. The Vista line is made with a premium, high Dtex, commercial grade V-shaped fiber. This fiber has outstanding memory and with the proper amount of artificial grass infill to suit your expect foot traffic is a highly durable artificial grass for lawns. The artificial grass is made with a delustered monofilament tall fiber in a spring bi-color (variation of lighter and darker green with little to no yellow). The Vista Natural 80 comes with a green and tan thatch.

Our Vista Natural 80 Artificial Lawn Grass is an excellent, high quality, very natural looking artificial lawn product. While not as soft as our Nature's Sod Line - it looks incredibly natural. The Vista Natural 80 is designed for the customer that wants an exceptionally natural look and is purchasing it for its durability over its texture. Vista Natural 80 Artificial Lawn Grass is to the Nature's Sod Line what St. Augustine is to Marathon grass or a Rye - you are choosing this grass because it looks great and it is exceptionally hearty.

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