KELLOGG GARDEN ORGANICS ALL NATURAL N'RICH SOIL ENRICHING CONDITIONER is formulated for all soil types. As a soil amendment, it should be mixed with your native soil for in-ground planting. Its woody texture helps establish strong roots and allow native soil to better retain moisture. By adding this great organic material to your soil, it forms small pockets for air and water to travel and helps loosen hard clay soils. Your bare root trees, lawns, flowers, and shrubs will all benefit from KELLOGG'S N'RICH. It can also be used as a stand-alone mulch to help retain moisture under trees, shrubs, and planting beds. KELLOGG'S N'RICH is a crafted mix of aged arbor fines, composted chicken manure and kelp meal that work together creating a terrific growing environment where all of your plants will thrive. We're so confident that ALL NATURAL N'RICH SOIL ENRICHING CONDITIONER will make all of your plants healthier, brighter and more beautiful that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee backing our products. Additionally, there are no harmful synthetic chemicals, making it safe for handling without the use of gloves or special tools.

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