The Rough&Ready (R&R) Hug a Tub is now also available in Oval and Cylindrical versions. The Cylindrical Shrubtub is fitted with a R&R Curved wall bench. With its circular tree planter of Ø235 cm and the robust R&R beam profile, this tub is a genuine eye-catcher. A flowering, multi-stemmed tree will come into its own in this sturdy structure. The R&R seat can be fitted completely round, half round or a quarter round.

As an alternative to FSC hardwood, R&R beams are also available in the sustainable All Black recyclate. All Black is made from 100% recycled plastic (PP and PE) and is solid black throughout.

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Rough&Ready Hug A Tubs Cylindrical | Seating - Metal / Wood

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