SpectraTurf's Bonded Rubber Mulch creates seamless, natural-looking surface for your trails, walkways, and landscaping without the maintenance requirements of wood mulch. Similar to our Pour-in-Place safety playground surfaces, our Bonded Rubber Mulch systems provide the shock-absorption of rubber while maintaining the rugged terrain look of mulch.

Our Bonded Rubber Mulch outperforms engineered wood fiber or wood mulch for its durability, safety, and accessibility. Our system meets ASTM F1951 requirements for accessibility under and around playground equipment. The rubber provides the anti-shock and anti-fatigue qualities that make any outdoor area safer and more comfortable. The bonded rubber mulch does not move or get displaced during use, which means materials do not need to be replaced or raked back in place.

SpectraTurf's Bonded Rubber Mulch is a clear choice for giving your trails, walkways, and landscaping a natural look with staying power. We use 100% recycled materials, and our Bonded Rubber Mulch meets ASTM F1292 and ASTM F1951 requirements.


Bonded Rubber Mulch | Safety Surfacing Mulches

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