When your design plan calls for large planter boxes, you can't go wrong with the PurePots Tall Rectangular Cuboid. These commercial planters combine simplicity and contemporary style to enhance landscape plans that utilize outdoor planters. The PurePots Tall Rectangular Cuboid can also mark walkways clearly as a divider planter in grand indoor areas such as malls or lobbies.

This commercial planter from PureModern is handcrafted in fiberglass and glazed with a finish that is resistant to corrosion, frost, and UV rays, ensuring its durability in both interior and exterior locations. Custom options for self-watering are also available.

Whether sporting a glossy, matte, or metallic finish, this planter comes in a wide variety of colors and three different sizes. Available in Black, Grey, Pewter, Gloss White, White, Cream, Suede, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Grey, Metallic Granite, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Palm Spring Blue, Blue, Purple.


PurePots Tall Rectangular Cuboid - 2430

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Spokane, WA  99201