The Sphere water feature is a one-of-a-kind ball water feature that can serve your garden, front yard and landscapes well. Their beautiful rounded globe-like perfection can be adjusted to suit your fountain. Their designs can vary to be setup as a floating sphere fountain, granite ball fountain, rolling ball water fountain, floating ball fountains, floating stone sphere fountain, granite floating sphere fountain and as stone ball fountains. So pick any sphere fountain design and get busy beautifying your own gardens today. HPIM0557 - Topstone brings you great varieties that you can set up in your own antique garden. Whether it is a fountain or a water feature you want set up, antique is the way to go. There are many water features that can give added emphasis to your outdoor water fountains, garden fountains and backyard fountains. A great water ornament that can be set up in your antique gardens is granite fountains, which can be supported even as a stone sphere on your ball water feature.

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