How do you avoid all the problems of supplying a fog of odor-counteractant product and dispersing It over a wide area? Use a totally self-contained Fog Blower system that not only breaks liquids Into ultra-fine and uniform particles (1-15 microns), but also has a built-in 800 CFM (22 m3) blower. The blower takes the fine fog particles as they leave the nozzle and distributes them Into the atmosphere or duct. The system will siphon from most reservoirs without any special devices. The unit can operate indoors and outdoors. No other unit gives the excellent atomization with wide output capability and adjustable liquid control for chemical savings. For warehouses, farms, waste treatment facilities and tank farms. Fog and distribute any oil or water based products. Use of 6″ or 8″ (16 or 20 mm) diameter duct piping, perforated with 1 /4″ holes (6.3mm) permits remote distribution of fog over roof-tops, building perimeters and along ponds.

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