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Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer acts quickly. In most cases, you will usually start to see results in just four days, and gets stronger as it goes to work greening up your lawn. Healthy, luxurious lawns have fewer weeds, and decreased damage from insect and disease problems and require less water than thin, dingy grass. Apply Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer every four to six weeks to keep your lawn beautiful throughout the growing season. We blend Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer into homogeneous pellets. The quality manufacturing process means every little pellet contains the exact formula. No more separation of ingredients before and during application that can create an uneven coloring throughout the lawn.

Our native desert soils are naturally high in harmful salts that keep vital nutrients and iron from being absorbed by roots. That is why we included sulfur and chelated iron in Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer to fight the salts and quickly turn your lawn dark green. The 19%(N) 6%(P) 13%(K) blend is the perfect ratio of Nitrogen for green leaves, Phosphorous for strong roots and Potash for sturdy stems that grass really loves. The nitrogen is from two sources, nitrate nitrogen for lightning fast results, and ammoniacal nitrogen for steady, lasting green.

Easy to use!

Moon Royale is a pilled homogeneous turf fertilizer that is easily applied to lawns using either a drop or broadcast type fertilizer spreader.

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