All 3 products provide the unique benefits of Humate rich in minerals, carbon, organic matter, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria. The definitive difference in Humate Plus is the homogenous blend of Humate and GYPSUM. The Plus is granular , therefore eliminating the dust which is often a problem for topical or maintenance applications of organic materials. Humate, Premium Humate, and Humate Plus have all the advantages of this very unique organic material: chelates micro/macro nutrients into available form for plant use; helps develop deep root systems; provides fuel for microbial activity; improves plant's health and ability to resist disease, etc. Tri-C Humate is APPROVED for use by CERTIFIED ORGANIC GROWERS. OMRI & OIM Listed. Benefits: Improves Soil Aeration, Improves Soil Workability, Increased Water Holding, Reduces Soil Erosion, Improves Drought Tolerance, Neutralizes Soil pH, Increased Ion Exchange, Regulates Fertilizer in Rootzone, Reduces Plant Stress, Accelerates Seed Germination, Increases + Microorganisms, Increases Root Growth, Increases Nutrient Uptake, Increases Photosynthesis.

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