Model: GG-002-WIFI/3G.

Moisture sensor based, solar-powered irrigation control system. Uses local wireless mesh network communication to increase wireless distance and reliability at low cost, the main controller connects to WIFI, 3G for supervise and control from anywhere at any time.
This system can control up to 60 zones, 5 wireless flow meter/pump controllers, 8 master valves, is good for Agriculture, Horticulture, and landscape.
This system automatically keeps soil moisture in the desired range to optimize irrigation. All field controllers/ relay are solar powered, through local mesh network to wirelessly communicate with main controller up to 6,500 ft. The main controller sends information out by WIFI, or 3G for remote control.
Detailed and accurate alarms of valve open/close status, frost, flow rate, water pressure, and low battery. Rain Delay. Can download complete history files of moisture, irrigation events, and alarms.
Each zone can control up to 4 moisture sensors at a different depth which is special for nut trees. There is also timer function.

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