Model: 1MS1V-Solar

This wireless, solar powered field controller is part of the ANC irrigation control system. Control up to one moisture Sensor, 1 latching 1" to 3" valves and one pressure switch. Good for Ag and Horticulture.

Good Features:

1. Wireless, solar powered, with a moisture sensor. No need for any power or WIFI in the field.
2. Control up to 1 latching 1" to 3" valves, with pressure switch for checking valve open/close state.
3. One key to set Dry/Wet Control threshold.
4. Wireless range minimum is 1600 ft, also function as a relay to form a mesh wireless network to reach a distance of 6400 ft.
5. Matches with all ANC main irrigation controllers. Good for Ag, big landscape, lawn, and backyard.

ANC Technology

1MS1V-Solar Wireless Field Controller for ANC Irrigation Control System | Controllers - Wireless Activation

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