Model: GG-002D-WiFi/4G

This is an intelligent irrigation control system for big Ag, or big landscape. Main controller uses WiFi/4G to control and monitor the whole system. Bidirectional 915/868MHz wireless relay network directly controls all the field controllers with no need of WIFI in the field. Main controller controls up to: 50 wireless stations, 200 valves and 200 moisture sensors; 1 wired and 3 wireless pumps, 1 wired and 3 wireless master flow meters; 4 master valves/meters; 1 wired/wireless weather station; support 9 Hikvision video cameras. Including PC, Cloud and Cell App. AC power or optional solar powered. Good for big landscape and Ag.

Good features:

1.This system has 2 control modes:
1)Moisture sensor based control.
2) Timer with max moisture control.
2. Once on moisture sensor based control, system will automatically keep moisture in the desired range to optimize irrigation.
3. Once on Timer, the schedules would been send wirelessly to the field controller, local field controller will irrigate according to schedules, would stop irrigation when the moisture reached Max moisture setup to save water.
4. Once on Timer control, schedules are executed by local field controller, wirelessly send back all field information to main controller. Is more reliable than total wired system.
5. All field controllers/repeaters are solar powered, with built-in bidirectional wireless 915/868 MHz/Relay, up to 4000m /2.48 miles through a mesh network at line of sight.
6. Detailed and accurate alarms of valve open/close status, frost, flow rate, water pressure and low battery.
7. Pressure meter used to monitoring if the valve is open/close normally.
8. Support rotating cameras and video cameras.
9. Air humidity sensor to control film rolling machine to open/ close greenhouses at real time.
10. EC / PH sensors.

ANC Technology

Wireless.WiFi.4G Intelligent Irrigation Control System | Controllers - Computer Based

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