Color-Crete is ideal for projects of any size or scope, residential or commercial, and is versatile enough either to blend with the surrounding environment or to add stunning highlights to hardscape designs. Color-Crete is a mix-in, integral colorant and not a topping, which means the color is permanent for the life of the concrete. Stamped, broomed, troweled, sand-blasted and exposed aggregate are several finishing techniques that can transform the look of Color-Crete concrete. With 35 standard colors and an unlimited palette of custom colors available, Color- Crete is the decorative product of choice for flat work, vertical pours and pre-cast applications. A Spectrum of Color for New Concrete Design freedom to create colorful hardscapes Color

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Color-Crete Integral Pigments for concrete | Coloring - Additives

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Color-Crete Integral Pigments for concrete

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