Maxx-Pest is a combination of two products, Critter-Maxx pest repellent, and Maxx-Insect repellent and control. Both products are specially formulated from the EPA's 25(b) list of known safe repellents identified and regulated by the FIFRA act. What does this mean? The ingredients we use are safe enough to not cause exposure concern and generally are allowable in food consumption. You can view the full list of products allowed by the EPA and compare them against our product labels.

Critter-Maxx: The safe and effective way to repel moles, voles, gophers, as well as many other common pests. It must be applied frequently to maintain the barrier and ensure the critters do not return. Critter-Maxx Sales Sheet

Maxx-Insect: a unique combination of ingredients designed to repel or control over 100 types of common household insects including but not limited to: spiders, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, etc. Maxx-Insect Sales Sheet

Critter-Maxx and Maxx Insect are not systemic so they must be applied directly to the problem area. Follow the label for specific application instructions. Both products may be applied via an EZ-FLO system, hose end sprayer, or backpack sprayer.

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