Decorative lighting is vital to urban redevelopment. It creates a distinctive sense of community, provides an upscale aesthetic and attracts style-conscious shoppers to refurbished retail developments.

Valmont® Structures offers a great variety of steel, aluminum, concrete and fiberglass decorative lighting poles and lamp posts. These are often the choice of designers who want an urban look, or for city planners who want durability and ease of maintenance. Our product catalog offers a myriad of decorative pole options, or we'd be happy to custom engineer one for you.

For designers who want to incorporate natural elements or textures into their lighting poles, we offer wood structures. Our PEFC certified wood lighting poles offer a wide range of shapes and design options. They are ideal for city parks, historic urban settings and low rise suburban areas. See our wood lighting structures site for more details.

Lighting designers, architects, city and transportation planners rely on our engineering expertise to create decorative light poles, lamp posts and accessories that mirror their distinct vision.

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