Aguinaga CG3 is a natural wood mulch product derived from a special grind of construction fir that results in a particle size of three inches minus, with very low dust content. The resulting particle size of this Aguinaga material has been tailored to be heavy enough that it will resist wind disturbance, remaining in place — and as well interlock to a degree, thereby resisting erosion through rainfall and runoff. Aguinaga CG3 is a durable ground cover that is well suited as a mulch or general landscape cover. The natural woodsy color of CG3 adds a pleasant contrast to plant architecture and Aguinaga CG3 has the added benefit of protecting the ground from heat in the summer — which will reduce water requirements, and also acting as a barrier to the cold of winter. While conserving soil moisture by reducing evaporation, CG3 also restricts and reduces the ability of weeds to germinate. Available in multiple sizes.

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