09-05-19 | Association News

NRPA Survey Finds Parks Are a Popular Nighttime Destination

Poll Targets 1,000 Adults 18 and Up

NRPA Survey Finds Parks Are a Popular Nighttime Destination

NRPA's poll survey shows people seek park-centered entertainment and events to socialize with others.

The National Recreation and Park Association recently conducted a poll survey, which shows that a majority of adults (91%) are interested in nighttime activities hosted by their local parks and recreation.

According to the poll, the top three park-sponsored nighttime activities include:

• Music or performance events such as concerts
• Movie nights in the park
• Activities spent with family and friends, such as bonfires
The association's survey also shows that evening activities have a greater appeal among key groups. Parents (54%) are more likely than non-parents (45%) to be interested in movie nights. Millennials (26%) are more likely than the general public (13%) to be interested in events involving physical activity and fitness, including glow runs and walks.
Other key findings show that Millennials and Gen Xers are more likely than baby boomers to be interested in attending movies in the park (51% and 53% vs 38%, respectively). Those living in the West (36%) are more likely to be interested in attending star gazing events than those in the Northeast (21%), South (27%) or Midwest (19%).
"People love nighttime events and activities hosted by their local parks and recreation," said Kevin Roth, NRPA vice president of professional development, research and technology. "Park-sponsored events and activities are good for a community, as they bring people together, and promote fun in a safe and affordable environment."

Poll results are part of NRPA's Park Pulse, a continuing series of monthly surveys that gauge the public's opinion on topics relating to parks and recreation. To view previous Park Pulse survey results, please visit: https://www.nrpa.org/publications-research/park-pulse/.

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